Blaumana Residence
Blaumaņa iela 12
85 000 - 350 000

Property description

Riga is an amazing city with unique architecture. Almost every building has a special character, destiny and story. "Blaumana Residence" is no exception. The building was built in 1897 according to the sketches of the leading architect Karl Felsko of the last century.

Famous writers (Jānis Veselis), actors (Hermīne Freimane, Hedviga Lagocka), ballet dancers (Jūlijs Opmanis) and other representatives of the modernist cultural elite lived in the walls of the residence. Our goal was to restore this 19th century architectural monument and give it a second breath.

The high level of specialists, as well as the technologies used in construction and renovation gave the opportunity to combine two different eras in their best form. Today, the "Blaumana Residence" can be called a real example of the interpretation of traditional European architecture in a modern city.

Count of rooms: 1 - 4
Total count of floors: 7
Total floor area: 31 - 116 m²
Parking: Not included

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