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We listen to the vision and wishes of each client

Professional designers develop and present design sketches

We develop the design according to the customer's wishes

Quiet Center “Penthouse”

The apartment was sold to a German citizen, in the exclusive project J5, in the quiet center of Riga . A 3-story 250 m2 property was purchased.

What was accomplished

According to the customer’s wishes, an estimate was prepared to equip the apartment with everything needed  – kitchen, fireplace, furniture.

Our latest 1 37 design project

Freshly renovated building in Ģenerāļa Radziņa krastmala 29

The renovated building in Ģenerāļa Radziņa krastmala 29 is located just a few minutes from the Old Town and has 24 apartments. The building has been completely renovated, preserving the original elements. The delightful view of the Daugava and its promenade brings uniqueness to this project.

What was accomplished

  • Original plank floors
  • Renovated 1920’s cast iron radiators
  • Brick are highlighted in the design
  • New risers and heating unit (gas boiler)
  • A new, high-quality roof covering has been installed

Private houses in Mārupe

In the most popular private house district in Mārupe, we tried our hands at designing and building 1-storey private houses with a total area of ​​137 m2. 

What was accomplished

We used only the highest quality materials in the design. The initial design was changed to create a high ceiling – 6m. Nowadays, private houses are built to be practical and  functionally comfortable and meet modern homeowner requirements. The design also paid attention to every detail and many of the elements were made by ourselves.

From the moment of land acquisition, the project was completed within 1 year and handed over to the new owner

The Apartments of Čaka street

We bought 4 brick walls that had no electricity, no water and no heating system.


Total area of ​​160m2, from which 4 of the 2-room apartments with an area of ​​34m2 – 48m2, which were intended for rent, were very successfully combined with a functional planning and a modern design, gives the property added value to make it easy to liquidate.

The Residence of Maskavas street

We are adventurers so we bought our first property in “Maskačka”, a pre-war house with beautiful tiled stoves. As a first project, it took a lot of time, energy and  learning. We successfully acquired the necessary knowledge to manage these projects faster and more professionally in the future.


We always try to keep and save as much as possible from the old buildings, and this apartment was no exception. We restored two pot ovens and the old wooden floors successfully combining the modern with historical design. Projects of this type always attract more attention than the standard “Depo Repair”.